Wittelsbach State and Ceremonial Carriages Vol 1 - Rudolf H. Wackernagel - 9783925369858. Download front cover

Wittelsbach State and Ceremonial Carriages Vol 1

Rudolf H. Wackernagel

ISBN: 9783925369858
Publisher: Arnoldsche Art Publishers
Territory: UK, US, Eastern Europe, France & Ireland exclusive. South Africa, Belgium, N&M East non-exclusive
Size: 310 mm x 235 mm
Pages: 328
Illustrations: 344 colour, 38 b&w
Name of series: One

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The Nymphenburg Castle Marstallmuseum is one of the largest internationally known collections of historic state and ceremonial carriages. The Marstall exhibits range from the Louis XIV period, to work by the Strasbourg master coach builder Johann Christian Ginzrot, culminating in a made for bavarian 'fairy-tale monarch', Ludwig II, which were entirely gilt and lavishly fitted out with exquisite embroidery and furs. In this volume the carriages are succinctly and clearly presented in both sumptuous full views and detailed photos.

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