Dining with the Maharajas Thousand Years of Culinary Tradition

Text by Neha Prasada, Photographed by Ashima Narain

ISBN: 9788174368744
Publisher: Roli Books
Territory: World excluding Australasia, Asia, Arab States and South Africa
Size: 290 mm x 254 mm
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 266 colour

RRP £49.95

  • Beautifully illustrated - Dining with the Maharajas is the only book on the culinary traditions and lifestyles of the Indian royalty
  • Features the longest dining table in the world, measuring an astounding 100ft
  • Includes one-on-one interviews with both the families and the staff
  • Comes with a separate, lighter, paperback kitchen copy of the recipes - to use to put together a royal banquet of your own without comprising the immaculate hardcover copy

Life in the royal courts of India revolved around entertaining. The palace kitchens were allotted massive budgets to ensure the highest quality of cuisine. Each state had its unique style of entertaining and food traditions - carrying forward these culinary practices are the modern day Indian royals. While the scale of the banquets may have shrunk the passion for food and the age-old family recipes remain. Dining with the Maharajas: Thousand Years of Culinary Tradition brings the invaluable legacy of Indian royals as ten families open up their palaces and homes to allow you a glimpse into their charmed lives that straddle tradition and modernity.

The High Table: Hyderabad
Valley of Fragrances: Jammu and Kashmir
Desert Feast: Jodhpur
Nawabs of Taste: Mahmudabad
Spice Route: Mysore
Rich Repast: Patiala
Haute Cuisine: Rampur
Chroniclers of Cooking Traditions: Sailana
Tribal Treats: Tripura

Neha Prasada is an author and journalist based in New Delhi. She has reported for the Times of India, The India Today Group, and Network 18. She has written extensively on health, politics, governance, environment, and social issues. She is a contributing editor to the Architectural Digest magazine. Neha has also worked as a media consultant on diverse projects which include a political campaign. She assisted in setting up the museum shop at the National Museum, New Delhi. With a keen interest in food and world cuisine, she is a closet chef and this is her debut book.

Photographer Ashima Narain has worked as a portrait, fashion, advertising, wildlife, and documentary photographer. Her career graph in photography reflects her flexibility and diverse interests.

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