Wolterinck's World | Elements and Essence - Marcel Wolterinck and Alexander Haje - 9789058974099. Download front cover

Wolterinck's World Elements and Essence

Marcel Wolterinck and Alexander Haje

ISBN: 9789058974099
Publisher: Lannoo Publishers
Territory: World excluding Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Switzerland
Size: 300 mm x 270 mm
Pages: 240
Illustrations: 188 colour, 37 b&w
2 vols, hardback, slipcase

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Following the most important themes that regularly occur in the artist's work, Elements explains the developing process and the track leading from inspiration towards the final realisation of a project. Essence contains breathtaking pictures of Wolterinck's most recent projects around the world. Both books combined illustrate Wolterinck's timeless yet innovating view on lifestyle and design.

"Wolterinck is the amalgam of old and new, hard and soft, light and dark, round and edgy. He's also a man of keep it simple , symmetry and clarity. Wolterinck is a child of modern times, but one that never disregards or denies the original. Work and mankind are a two-unity and can never been seen separately. This publication shows us Wolterinck as a man and as a designer, and draws the attention to his inspiration, motives and applications." Alexander Haje

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