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Compiled by Amanda Erlinger and Robin Morgan

ISBN: 9781851498031

hardcover, boxed, w/print, 20% non-returnable

RRP $1,500.00

Ladurée Chocolate

Vincent Lemains & Julien Christophe, photography by Noëlle Hoeppe

ISBN: 9782812310713

hardcover, boxed, full trade non-returnable

RRP $39.95

Ladurée: Entertaining Recipes, Ideas & Inspiration

Vincent Lemains, Michel Lerouet and Marie-Pierre Morel

ISBN: 9782812306235

hardcover, full trade discount, non-returnable

RRP $39.95

Laduree: The Sweet Recipes

Philippe Andrieu, Photography by Sophie Tramier

ISBN: 9782812304439

hardcover, non-returnable

RRP $39.95

Ladurée: The Savory Recipes

Michel Lerouet, photography Sophie Tramier

ISBN: 9782812304583

hardcover, non-returnable

RRP $39.95

Ladurée: Decoration & Inspiration

Serge Gleizes

ISBN: 9782812309236

hardcover, non-returnable

RRP $49.95

The Vintage Sweet Book A Complete Guide to Vintage Sweets and Cocktail Party Treats

Angel Adoree

ISBN: 9781851497461

hardcover, non-returnable

RRP $19.95

The Vintage Tea Party Book A Complete Guide to Hosting your Perfect Party

Angel Adoree

ISBN: 9781851496877

hardcover, non-returnable

RRP $29.95

Keep it Simple The Early Design Years of Apple

Hartmut Esslinger

ISBN: 9783897904071


RRP $40.00

Alpha Cat

Paola Gallerani, Illustrated by Gabriella Gallerani

ISBN: 9788897737179


RRP $24.95

Hollywood Dogs Photographs from the John Kobal Foundation

Edited by Gareth Abbott and Catherine Britton; Foreword by William Secord, Introduction by Robert Dance

ISBN: 9781851496785


RRP $45.00

Couture Dogs of New York

Paul Nathan and Nadine Rubin Nathan

ISBN: 9780985136819


RRP $37.50

21st Century Jewellery Designers An Inspired Style

Juliet Weir-de La Rochefoucauld

ISBN: 9781851497294

hardcover, slipcase, non-returnable

RRP $95.00

My Little Paris

Fany Péchiodat, Amandine Péchiodat, Anne-Flore Brunet, Catherine Taret, Kanako Kuno, Mademoiselle Lilly, Ana Webanck & Céline Orjubin

ISBN: 9782812304651

Paperback with flaps

RRP $19.95

Horse Whisperings Portraits by Bob Tabor

Bob Tabor

ISBN: 9781851496518


RRP $65.00

Look, A BOOK!

Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood

ISBN: 9788889854891


RRP $16.99

Hedgehog in the Fog

Sergey Kozlov and Yuri Norstein, Illustrated by Francesca Yarbusova

ISBN: 9780984586707


RRP $17.95

Piet Boon Styling

Karin Meyn

ISBN: 9789089895455


RRP $80.00

Stuff The M(Group) Interactive Guide

Carey Maloney

ISBN: 9780983388982

hardcover, non-returnable

RRP $75.00

California Cool Residential Modernism Reborn

Russell Abraham ASMP

ISBN: 9781864705676


RRP $50.00

Amazing Africa

Pascal Maitre, Edited by Lois Lammerhuber Contributions from Jean-Luc Marty and Michael Stührenberg

ISBN: 9783901753411


RRP $100.00

Houses + Origins WA Design

David Stark Wilson

ISBN: 9781864704662


RRP $59.95

Incomparable Women of Style

Rose Hartman

ISBN: 9781851496990


RRP $49.50

Cat Lady Chronicles

Diane Lovejoy

ISBN: 9788889854983


RRP $21.99

Pop! Design, Culture, Fashion 1956 -1976

Geoffrey Rayner, Richard Chamberlain, Annamarie Stapleton

ISBN: 9781851496907


RRP $59.95