Orchha and Beyond | Bundela Architecture and Art under Raja Bir Singh Dev - Edward Leland Rothfarb - 9788192110615. Download front cover

Orchha and Beyond Bundela Architecture and Art under Raja Bir Singh Dev

Edward Leland Rothfarb

ISBN: 9788192110615
Publisher: The Marg Foundation
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 9.5 in x 12 in
Pages: 152
Illustrations: 110 color
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  • Contains acute and meticulous scholarship on Bir Singh Dev's patronage which, to date, has few records on paper

A prolific builder, Bir Singh Dev patronized architecture throughout his kingdom of Orchha in central India and at important pilgrimage sites beyond its borders. He quickly consolidated the early Bundela style of architecture and wall painting.

Sophisticated and ambitious, this style was unprecedented within the Orchha kingdom for its fusion of local building traditions with architectural and decorative styles culled from other sources, including design from the Mughal courts of Akbar and Jahangir. The hybrid style that emerged under Bir Singh Dev and the sheer scale of building that went on in his reign was unique to the period in which he ruled Orchha. Neither in the parent Bundela kingdom of Orchha nor in its offshoot states of Datia and Panna was anything built before Bir Singh Dev's reign or afterwards that could rival the scale, stylistic refinement, and decorative richness of the buildings associated with his patronage.

Garhkundar: The Bundela Narrative between Myth and History
Sources for the Bundela Style: The Orchha Kingdom before Bir Singh Dev's Reign
The Sacred Architecture of Raja Bir Singh Dev Bundela.
Palace Architecture at Orchha and Datia under Bir Singh Dev
Painted Decoration under Bir Singh Dev

Edward L. Rothfarb holds a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is a recipient of the Asian Cultural Council: Art and Religion Fellowship, the Indo-American Fellowship Program, and the Graham Foundation Fellowship for Advanced Study in the Fine Arts. He has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design; California State University, Los Angeles; California State University, Long Beach; and University of California, Los Angeles.

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