Madhukari Art of Honey-Gathering

Buddhadeb Guha, Translated by Shankar Sen

ISBN: 9789381523612
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 5.5 in x 8.5 in
Pages: 902
hardcover, non-returnable
New Title

RRP $20.00

  • Fluidity of description, dexterity of characterization and smooth incorporation of references into the narrative make Madhukari one of the most skilfully written contemporary Bengali novels

Set in the picturesque backdrop of the Kanha-Kisli forest reserve of Madhya Pradesh, Madhukari is a novel about Prithu Ghosh. Prithu had always wanted to live life on his own terms. Showing complete apathy for the high society to which he belonged, he went around with his motley group of friends whom his wife scorned as "riff-raff". But can Prithu really live like a powerful tiger? Or will reality compel him to accept that man is far too frail and dependent on others to blaze his own trail? This novel of epic proportions is not just an account of Prithu's extraordinary story. The constant presence of nature in the novel makes it tantamount to a character in its own right.

Buddhadeb Guha, a successful chartered accountant by profession and a writer, painter and singer of considerable talent, is considered as one of the leading and most sought-after authors in contemporary Bengali literature. Guha rates Madhukari as his best work - an opinion upheld by readers and critics alike. This publication of an English translation of Madhukari by old college friend Shankar Sen has been a satisfying experience and fulfilled Guha's long-awaited dream.

Shankar Sen, an engineer and bank executive in his professional life, wrote prose and poetry in both English and Bengali and had ten books published in the last seven years of his life. He also translated some of the best-known works of eminent Bengali authors in English. His last book The Quest is an English translation of the film-script of filmmaker Goutam Ghose's critically acclaimed film Moner Manush based on a novel by Sunil Gangopadhyay.

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