Quilts of India Timeless Textiles

Patrick J Finn

ISBN: 9789381523933
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Territory: USA & Canada
Size: 9.5 in x 12.25 in
Pages: 390
Illustrations: 400 color
hardcover, slipcase, non-returnable
New Title

RRP $135.00

  • The first extensive survey of Indian quilts, exploring the historic and contemporary context of this ancient art, uncovering an important area of textile creation and design
  • Beautifully illustrated with over 500 photographs, taken in rural villages, urban cities, and museums; presenting the rich diversity of this enduring textile tradition, the quiltmakers, the stories they stitch into the fabric, the communities and the culture they reflect
  • From the simplest utility quilt to the most elaborate Indo-Portuguese coverlet, this colorful collection details the designs, varied techniques and multiple uses of 25 unique and original quilting genres

Quilts of India:Timeless Textiles provides a comprehensive study of Indian quilts. It explores the historic and contemporary context of quilt-making. Wonderfully illustrated with over 500 photographs, it is the story of this enduring, yet ancient textile tradition.

From the simplest quilt, to the most elaborate, the book details the diverse designs, varied techniques and multiple uses of traditional quilting genres. Capturing the spirit of the quilters' lives, recounting in fascinating stories and captivating portraits, the language of their quilts, articulated in the symbols and motifs associated with their communities.

This pioneering book raises this remarkable, yet largely overlooked art form out of obscurity, emphasisng the historic cultural importance of these colorful textiles; this is an intimate look, into the fabric of Indian life exquisitely portrayed through quilt-making.

Contents: Foreword; Preface; Author's Note; Early Quilting; Bengal; Bihar; Jharkhand; Odisha; Uttar Pradesh; Rajasthan; Gujarat; Madhya Pradesh; Karnataka; Goa; Afterword; Acknowledgements; Glossary; Bibliography; Index

Patrick J Finn is an author, acclaimed photographer, and eclectic and passionate artist.

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